Friday 25 May 2007


I love Greenthumb. These are the guys that spread magic fertiliser stuff on your lawn four times a year to make it look lush and green. Why is that so special? Why not just buy the magic fertiliser stuff from B&Q and do it yourself?

Because it costs more to buy it from B&Q (or any other DIY store), even before you account for your own time trying to spread the damn stuff over your lawn. And it takes ages and ages to painstakingly pour n grams per square meter over your whole lawn.

So, for £21 a time, a lovely chap from Greenthumb comes four times a year and treats our lawn. To buy enough fertiliser to cover our (quite small) lawn does cost more than £21. That is a great business. Imagine if you were a restuarant and you could provide your customers with a gourmet meal for less money than it cost them to go and buy the ingredients in the supermarket.

I don't quite understand the economics of Greenthumb, but I am guessing that:

(a) they are (obviously) paying a wholesale price for the fertiliser stuff

(b) they can spread it over a lawn in a tiny fraction of the time it would take the lawn owner, because they have bought (one) somewhat expensive fertiliser-spreading machine which it would be uneconomic for a single lawn owner to purchase. I've never actually seen Greenthumb administer a "treatment", but my wife tells me they are in and out in less than five minutes

(c) because they don't need supervised access, they can schedule their appointments to perfectly optimise (I like split infinitives; I think it is better to split than cumbersomely not to split one) their own travel time. So they do (I am guessing) a dozen lawns all within a stone's throw of each other, on a particular day, getting a good £250+ revenue per day. And presumably a lawn-treatment-dispensing person costs about £80 / day to employ (less?), minus (say) £5 a pop wholesale cost of the fertiliser, leaves you 40-odd% gross margin.

Then they charge extra for mechanical things over the winter (aerating and that sort of thing, which could easily add 50% to their annual revenue from each customer, if we are anything to go by), so all adds up to a good little business.

Plus they can charge extra to fix nasty things like leatherjackets (cranefly larvae, which live underground and eat grass roots, turning a lawn into a patchy brown area with some tufts of grass). Once you have a beautiful lawn, you are very, very ready to pay a bit more to keep it that way. (I speak as someone with a recently-cleared-up infestation of leatherjackets)

And, finally, I like them because they are focussed. They keep your lawn green, that's it. They don't mow it. They don't weed your flowerbeds, sell you compost or prune your roses. They don't do anything else in your garden at all. They just do lawn-fixing. There's a lot to be said for that - every additional thing you try and do inevitably reduces somewhat your expertise in your core area.


Anonymous said...

You clearly work for them. I had them and they were useless. Missed 2 appointments and then after 3 treatments the lawn was still a mess.

Complete waste of time and money

Anonymous said...

You were obviously unlucky - I have been using them for years and they are brilliant. The lawn looks great, their service is excellent...
Maybe you got a duff one.

Anonymous said...

they are amazing! cheaper than doing it yourself and professional. dont know who the guy that was complaining uses but it doesnt sound like greenthumb, were VERY happy, grren weed-free and moss-free for 13 quid!!!???

Anonymous said...

It is always nice to find a company that will come out and take care of thinks like the lawn for you.

Anonymous said...

Be very careful with Greenthumb. They were very good for 4 visits but then disaster! In March they turned up in an old blue unmarked van and their treatment caused chemical damage to 2/3rd of my lawn - and then wanted to charge me £60 to put it right!!! Their customer care was abysmal and kept coming up with different excuses. The lawn mower was blunt (just been serviced by local firm who was not too pleased with this and not the brightess of moves by Greenthumb- they later changed their mind on this when they realised the bad publicity this was producing.) The grass was cut too short (Dead grass showed this was not correct) Cut too long - cut too wet! Local qualified garden experts all agreed it was chemical damage but Greenthumb went against all the clear and obvious evidence and the photographs of the damage caused. They did eventually come again but gave wrong treatment and couldn't even agree among themselves what treatment had been given! It however made it worse. Parts of the lawn will now have to be re-seeded in September.
The main problem with Greenthumb is the lack of business acumen. We all make mistakes, but the priority should be to put it right and keep a customer. In this area Greenthumb were a dismal failure.
It is a shame that a good concept and producr can be downgraded by just one poor franchisee and bad customer relations from the Head Office. Where once I was recommending them I now relate my bad experiences. How so easily it could have been solved locally and a once loyal customer retained.

Anonymous said...

The same happened to my lawn with dead area's. I ask if he would come round to have a look which he did BUT NOT TILL 3 weeks later!!! By then i already got different company in to sort it out. They clearly dont know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

As the owner of a garden maintenance company I work in several gardens visited by green thumb. In general I'm unimpressed by the quality of their work, fertilizer spread all over patios causing staining, incorrect application of feed, scorching and the general feeling that it’s a quick in and out with little customer service. They also seem to neglect to mention the fact treated grass should not be composted.

As for the first contributors suggestion that somehow doing ‘anything else in a garden reduces you expertise ion your core area’, what a load of balls. It’s not hard to read manufacturers instructions set a dial and walk at a steady pace over a lawn. Trained monkeys could manage it.

In short they are a franchise so you’re taking pot luck with who you get. Always ask a real gardener with a good list of references.

Anonymous said...

we have used greenthumb for 6 years in the market rasen area and they get better and better as the years go buy. nothing is too much trouble and the customer service from the new owner is fantastic as he takes care of my elderly mother and rings us to tell us he has been. The results are always fantastic and he pops in to make sure things are ok after the treatment. First class and would definately reccommend

Anonymous said...

My lawn is a mess and looks like scrub land with dead patches where moss has taken over. I have used GreenThumb for 3 years, franchise changed a couple of years ago. This lot are hopeless and I will resort to doing the job myself. Probably going to to have to put down new turf. I now have the worst front lawn in my street.

kev said...

for the last 4 years greenthumb have maintaned my lawn at a cost of £100 pounds per year .
all was fine for the first 2 years but in 2009 i started to have problems.
when the spring treatment was applied in 2009 the lawn looked fine.
in may the lawn had a number of dead patches which gradually got worse.
i asked them to come back to look at the problems which they did & they told me it was red thread caused by the damp conditions.
i was not conviced that this was correct & got a second oppinion from another company that maintained lawns.
they disputed this & said it was caused by the application of the weedkiller & fertiliser.
i asked them to come back again & they then said i was cutting the grass too short & not often enough.
the operative was not very helpfull & left.
when he came to do the summer treatment the problems were the same & i told him not to bother & i would get another company to maintain my lawn
he contacted his manager & they told me the treatment would be free & this would rectify the problems.
through the autumn & winter the lawn got better & did not look bad .
spring 2010 everything was fine & they applied the spring treatment.
may 2010 same problems again but on a greater scale.
they came back & did a free treatment but told me i was not cutting the grass enough cutting too short & red thread was a problem.
my mower is a set hight set by the manafacturer so i cant drop the blades to cut grass short .
i am now waiting to see manager as the problems are extensive & my lawns that are maintained by"proffesional" are the worst on the estate.
two years ago the person doing the lawn changed but i do not know if this is part of the problems or there has been a change in the chemicals they use but suffice it to say my lawn is a disaster area.
i am coming to the conclusion they are a complete waste of time & money

Anonymous said...

I have used Greenthumb since 2003 and have always been pleased with the results and condition of my Lawns. However since 2009 Greenthumb have changed the franchise to a company in Ruddlan. Almost immediately I became aware that things did not seem right with the lawns.I contacted their office to complain, but all they did was send someone who continually said it was my fault. Both lawns have been damaged after the Winter/Spring applications.The side garden is like a dust bowl. I invited 5 independent lawn experts to examine the lawns. All said
"The lawns have been damaged by the over use of weedkiller". The cost to repair my lawns would be
£300. I have even sent emails/photos and letters to Greenthumb head office, addressed to the Managing Diretor Mr Waring, But all they say is that the dispute is with their franchise office in Ruddlan. I have given them every opportunity to resolve this problem that was caused by them, without any offer to repair the lawns. I have now placed the matter in the hands of the local Trading Standards, who have sent a letter to them.

Anonymous said...

It does seem that Greenthumb has a national policy of blaming the customer if things go wrong. The various excuses given to me for messing up my lawn kept changing! The chap who 'inspected' the damage caused by them, had to be 'fed' the excuses by mobile phone!!

Anonymous said...

I got rid of Greenthumb after they ruined my lawn 2 years ago. I was quite proud of my lawn until they treated it. It has never recovered and I apologies to visitors - obviously telling them about this company and to avoid them. My friend has now had his lawn dug up after Greenthumb managed to completely spoil his lawn and the landscape gardener putting things right stated he was coming across the bad results of Green thumb, more and more. Beware!

Polly said...

Well, I have always looked after my lawn myself,feeding, scarifying, spiking top dressing and occasionally over seeding. As I am a pensioner I am now finding all this work a little too much and was considering trying Greenthumb. After reading all these comments I will be thinking again.

NRG said...

I had also had a very bad experience with Green thumb, they totally destroyed my lawns. I have now changed to a great company who came recommended from our gardener and they have sorted out the issues. If you are in North Wales area get Lawn Medic into rectify your lawn problems, they are totally reliable and know what they are doing unlike some!

Anonymous said...

I have had two treatments from Greenthumb and both my lawns now look awful apart from the area for my pet that was untreated (this area looks ok) I will have to replace my front lawn now as most of the grass has died. My back lawn is weed free but looks the worst it's ever been. Some of my border plants turned yellow after the last treatment. Totally unhappy with them.

Anonymous said...

i have greenthumb they are brilliant my lawn looks amazing as long as you cut it in the right coditions and water it when its very dry you wont have any problems. they have been treating for 7 years now first year was not happy because not much was happening it didnt change much weeds went and greened up a bit. but then after a year all good its a long term process what they do.good value for money always give me advice very knowlegable i would def recommend to friends O yeah forgot to say when you do recommend someone you get £5 off your next treatment not bad in my eyes

Anonymous said...

I think Greenthumb do a brilliant job. If you have a complaint ask for help, they are always willing to advise & solve any problems .

Anonymous said...

have used greenthumb for the past 5 years first 3 years great as they came 4 seasons to treat only. and did all my own scarifying,airating.lawn was lush lots of comments even recommended to my neighbours who now have contracts, last year special deal full treatment at reduced rate was 4 season treatments,hollow-tine & scarrification.this year is the worst it's looked since having returfed ,it;s crap to be honest and when contractor comes to treat on 14/4/12 will state and let you know results of treatment don,t get me wrong at first thought they were great-whats changed will post lawn pic,s 2010 great & 2012 crap.

Anonymous said...

In June 2011 we had new lawns laid and they were thick, lush and green. We had treatments in September, November and March 2012but by mid March we had several scorched marks and no grass. So we cancelled Green Thumb because we were sure that the treatment was destroying our new lawns. Meanwhile we have dug up the areas and reseeded them. Green Thumb disregarded our cancellation and they came again,without our authorisation, spreading their granules of fertiliser over our new seeded areas and lawns that had started to recover.They can't even get their admin. right and their lawn treatment is very dubious. We have contacted Trading Standards to investigate what is in the treatment. Definately don't use them.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to say that after three years since Greenthumb ruined my lawn it has now started to look good again. Thanks to a local gardener who KNOWS what he is doing! Don't go near them is my strong advice - its cheaper in the long run to get EXPERT help than pay a franchise who don't really know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Just cancelled our contract with Greenthumb our lawn was looking so good, now they claim its covered in red thread? Apparently this will grow out? They have applied two treatments to it which they alleged would clear it up in two weeks. Our lawn looks the worst it has ever looked in the 8 years since we have lived here. It looks brown & almost dead in places not much green lawn left. Really gutted we decided to use them.

Anonymous said...

It seems the more you talk to people the more you hear the sorry tales of lawns ruined by Greenthumb on a national basis. A holiday maker happened to hear me tell a friend about my lawn just recovering 4 years after Greenthumb ruined it and this total stranger, from some 200 miles away, came across and told me she had a similar bad experience with them and how difficult they were to deal with. A chairman of a gardening club also told me how lots of their members had sorry tales to tell about Greenthumb. BEWARE. IT WILL BE CHEAPER AND BETTER FOR YOUR LAWN TO LOOK ELSEWHERE.

Anonymous said...

I work for greenthumb what would be great if you could identify which franchise is in the wrong instead of labelling all the same.We take great pride in our work.

Anonymous said...

It all depends on which area you live in! Greenthumb is a franchise and is owned and operated by separate individuals.So how can you all tar them with the same brush?

And for your information, the correct mower practice can make or break a lawn! Cutting a lawn too short will ruin it, if its not the correct variety. Certain species of grass can be cut short, most should not! Im sure most of you want bowling greens and cut the hell out of it, which will make it look terrible! If its not cut often enough this will also cause clumpiness and a thin lawn.

Weather is another thing that can affect your lawn, if its a dry year and you dont water your lawn it will look rubbish, if its wet and humid you will get red thread, and it will create brown patches all over, its a fungal disease,a fungicide should clear it up but it can come back if the conditions are right.
So the next time we have a drought dont blame Greenthumb if your lawns brown and dead! especially if you've mown it to within and inch of its life.

All these weedkiller burns mentioned point out that the areas where you live, the Greenthumb operatives aren't applying it properly.

I treat almost 600 lawns every 3 months, and at least 90% react positively!

Anonymous said...

The materials Greenthumb use are good if applied properly. Often they are applied in a hurry by operatives who have little training. Greenthumb customer service is just poor, it's a case of get in and out as quick as possible and move on to the next job. Often complaints are left to the operatives to deal with, who in the most part are not trained for this.
A lot depends on which franchise you are lucky or unlucky to have to use. Some are good with good operatives and some are just not interested in you or your lawn they just want your money.

Anonymous said...

Worse thing I ever did was to have them too, had a chap by the name of Kevin who clearly dose not want to spend any time treating my lawn in and out in 5 minutes I've heard from others he likes to be done by 12 and back at home for 12.30. Before having greentumbs my lawns were in Ok conditions but OMG I now have the worse grass in the street. My advice is to do it yourself and watch out if you have a chap called Kevin turn up to do your grass. I now treat my grass myself

Chris R, said...

Oh lucky you!!
The local Green Thumb "franchise" scarified my lawn when it was absolutely saturated in Feb, despite a prior telephone call when they agreed to postpone until mid March at earliest and then compounded it by aerating without permission.
The owner, Alan, has just been around to praise me how good the lawn looks ( he's seen it twice in 5 years + I see it every day ).
Had a greenkeeper independently examine their work and he confirmed the scarification should not have been done that early in the season but had come across GT before and noticed they carry out work when it suits their timetable rather than the growth pattern of grass….
P.S. Alan agreed that they had made a mistake with the message to delay treatment and then asked me to pay in full.
P.P.S. am now an ex-client as you can get better advice on treatments free online

Anonymous said...

Greenthumb have a terrible reputation for ruining peoples lawns with scarification, hardly anybody who I know that have had this done and paid the earth for it are happy with the way the lawn looks days, weeks then months later!
Echo the comments about the guy called Kevin as there seems to be one called Tony in the South who seems to be the same, if he comes to scarify your lawn, beware! as there wont be any lawn left and lots of mess to clear up after. Oh and don't bother complaining because they wont answer your call!

Anonymous said...

Maintaining a lawn is very labour intensive if anybody thinks 4 x 10 minute visits a year is going to give you the perfect looking lawn think again ,

Mr & Mrs L Jenner said...

It is sad to see so many conflicting comments we have been using them for about5 years and nothing untoward has ever happened, they come they deliver, they go , we would hardly know except you can see the small balls on the lawn .It looks like pot luck as to who you get , we are in eastbourne .

Anonymous said...

I have just cancelled Greenthumb after they made my lawn worse than it was originally. This is in the Fulwood area of Preston should there be any disputes about the franchise. My lawn was in good condition anyway but I have been ill the last two years so employed Greenthumb to save me some effort. They scarified the lawn three months ago and it never recovered so I had to reseed large areas. We paid extra for a leatherjacket treatment and this is the first year that we had magpies digging up the lawn to get the blighters so that clearly had no effect. The lawn was full of dry patches and had more moss and weeds than when I used to look after it myself. Thankfully I am now well enough to take care of the lawn again myself so I told them to take a hike and put my own treatment on yesterday. It will now take a good few months to get things back to my previous pride and joy. I have wasted a total of over £150 on this completely pointless exercise. I guess it is all relative; if your lawn is crap to start with then Greenthumb might improve things. If, however, you are proud of your lawn and it is in good nick already, I would not touch them with a barge pole. I have the photos to prove what they did to my lawn and have posted them on social media.

Anonymous said...

I have used greenthumb for the first time after having a new lawn laid in the front garden. Everything looked fine until a week or so later, at which point mushrooms developed on the lawns. I rang to inform them of this and was met with a brick wall. Then the manager rang back and l explained that l've lived here for 24 years and never had this problem before and that my neighbours have never had this problem, to which she replied...l've never had mumps but that doesn't mean l won't develop them. She also said that they hadn't been and planted mushrooms in my garden and was quite rude. I did ask if spores could be transported from one garden to another via their equipment to which she replied that she had never been asked that in 35 years. Their customer service was appalling. I paid alot for my new turf and employed them to take care of it. Has anyone else had problems with mushrooms? Gateshead branch.

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Anonymous said...

It's an absolute con . You don't need 4 or 5 treatment a year . And the client I have and mow for have them the grass is no better now than when they started having green thumb . Most need scarifying not just feeding.

Anonymous said...

You also don't put feed on grass that's not been cut for 5 days and when there's no sign of rain

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