Monday 22 June 2009


We have the distinct impression that things are changing out there and business is on the up. Don't like to use the 'Green shoots...........' expression, but definitely people are coming out of their hiding places at last and having work done on their homes or in their business premises.
Is this the beginning of the end????

Monday 8 June 2009


Here is an update on a post we made back in 2007. First the original post below;

This is priceless: because we now have a certain number of lines with T-mobile, we have been assigned our own "account manager".

But we can't get hold of this person (no direct line, and if they are unavailable, and presumably most of the time they will be on the phone to other customers given that that is their job, we have to leave a message. We have been waiting a day and a half for a call back so far), so we can't place an order for more lines.

Best of all, the ordinary people in the call centre are NOT ALLOWED TO HELP US. Only our account manager can now access our account. Last week (before we hit the magic number of lines which entitles us to this "improved" level of service) ordering a new line meant making a call, sending a confirmatory e-mail and handset would arrive the next day. Easy.

Now we have to wait for our "account manager" to call us back to carry out the trivial task of adding another line to our account. Just awesome.

I think it is only correct to say that the situation with T-Mobile has improved a great deal since the original post was made. The young lady who is our account manager has either been available or will call back within minutes and has been able to help whenever needed, because she knows the details of our account inside out.
Overall, we find this set up very efficient. Just thought it would only be fair to point this out as the original post did give them a fairly hard time.
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Friday 5 June 2009

Female Handyperson

We are often asked why we don't have women on the workforce. In fact we have employed women in the past, but they did not seem to take to the job as well as we hoped they would.
One thing people underestimate is how physically hard the work is, it is very demanding to be doing 4 or 5 jobs a day, every day, the way we do.
Do you think there would be a demand for women if they were available? It is often said that female customers would feel more comfortable with a woman coming to their home, I wonder if that is true?

Thursday 4 June 2009

Charging for motorbike parking

Some boroughs in London have started to charge motorcycles for using the previously free parking bays in central London. This seems like a really negative approach, especially when one considers that commuters are being encouraged out of their cars.
Why charge bike riders, many of whom are car drivers who have left their cars at home?
Just another way of earning more revenue at the expense of the motorist.

Wednesday 3 June 2009

Hot weather!

With changing weather conditions we find that the nature of the work we do also changes to reflect this, to some extent.
Not surpisingly, we are getting more and more calls asking us to build flat pack garden furniture etc. but also trampolines and table tennis tables.
Clearly customers are determined to take advantage of the hot weather while it lasts!