Thursday 8 March 2007

Relaxed handymen

I heard an interesting anecdote yesterday about a chance meeting between one of our handymen and someone working for a competing company (Handy Squad, I think). They were both on their motorbikes, at a set of lights, and chatted briefly while waiting for the lights to change.

According my friend-of-a-friend who heard about this chance interaction, the competitor handyman was most struck by how relaxed our handyman was.

I was very pleased to hear this - while whizzing from one job to the next is naturally not going to be stress-free, we try very hard to take as much stress as we can out of our handyman's day, and keep it in the office. So our office guys (Seamus, Jordan, Chris, James & myself) try and do all the stressing about keeping the schedule together and making sure every customer's job is done on time, leaving our handymen to just focus on doing what they do best: handymanning.

If our guys are stressed out rushing from one job to the next, it can make the job pretty miserable and also makes them much more likely to make a mistake. So it is important to us to try and allow our handymen to be relaxed.

It doesn't work all the time, and it can still be pretty stressful at times, but I am very pleased to hear that it obviously works some of the time.


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