Thursday 15 March 2007

HSE responds on SafeContractor

Jim Neilson of the Health & Safety Executive has responded with a thoughtful and detailed letter regarding our disagreement with National Britannia and our SafeContractor renewal. (see earlier posts)

He broadly agrees with our position, saying that "health and safety should be about practical actions that make a difference, and not paperwork for its own sake."

He advises me that a colleague will raise this issue with National Britannia, and draw their attention to what the HSE considers to be sensible risk management. And they will write to me again advising me of the outcome of those discussions within a month.

Which I think is very good of them, top marks to HSE, zero marks so far to National Britannia.

I note in passing that if you Google "safecontractor renewal", you get my blog at #1 spot, with SafeContractor's own site some way down the search results. And even just Googling "safecontractor" has me at #5 or thereabouts.


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