Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Equal Opportunities Policy - my version

OK, further to yesterday's post about Equal Ops policies, here is my version:

0800handyman Ltd
Equal Opportunities Policy

We ensure that we are aware of and comply with legislation including the Equal Pay Act 1970, The Race Relations Act 1976 and Amendment 2000, Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Sex Discrimination Act 1975.

We value diversity: we love employing staff and serving customers from diverse backgrounds. We think it makes our business more effective and more interesting to work in.

We actively seek out and reward those candidates and employees who are likely to, or who do, excel at their work. The factors that are likely to affect success at work include technical ability, communication skills, friendliness, intelligence and so forth. We do not consider gender, sexual orientation or race to be relevant selection / assessment qualities and do not use these in selecting or assessing a candidate or an employee.

We do not tolerate victimisation or harassment, and will take decisive action to protect an employee who is subjected to victimisation or harassment.

We work with our clients and suppliers to ensure that they understand our ethos.

This policy is available in the staff handbook. All new employees are asked to read this policy during induction.

The Managing Director is responsible for this policy and its implementation and for investigating any apparent breaches of this policy.


Which I think is a considerable improvement - I think it covers all the main points in Supply London's version, but does so concisely and in a more positive way.

Now I just need to do an "Environment Policy" and a "Quality Policy". (I haven't read Supply London's boilerplate versions yet, but no doubt they will make interesting reading).