Monday, 11 May 2009

New uniforms and new bikes

At 0800handyman we believe that if you are going to allow workmen into your home or office you have a right to expect them to be clean, tidy and generally look the part of a professional handyman.
With this firmly in mind we have recently introduced all new items of clothing for our guys. Now they look even smarter than before, with bright red polo shirts, black cargo trousers and black blue tooth enabled helmets.
If you would like to see how this all looks go to our web site at
Regarding the blue tooth helmets, we have introduced these because we want to be able to communicate with our handymen at all times, even when they are on their way to a job. This means that we can keep the customer fully informed about expected time of arrival (even on motorbikes and scooters it is possible to be held up by the traffic). We feel that this is just another way of keeping customers informed and fully in the picture.
In the next month we will be introducing a fleet of new Honda S-Wing scooters all painted in the 0800handyman colours of course.
These bikes are brand new and are in the paint shop as I write.
Pictures to follow.


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