Tuesday 18 September 2007

Renewing old grouting in tiled bathrooms / showers

We are often asked to "regrout" a shower cubicle or around a bath, because the grout has got old and nasty-looking. Customers often confuse grout with silicone sealant. Replacing the silicone sealant (rubbery substance around the edge of the shower tray or bath) is straightforward (especially now all our handymen are familiar with Stan's perfected technique). Replacing grout (the rock-hard substance filling the gaps between the tiles) is not straightforward at all. In fact, you may as well not even attempt it - the grout is usually harder than the tiles, so any attempt to scrape out the old grout will inevitably result in a lot of damage to the tiles.

You'd usually be better off getting a tiler to re-tile from scratch.

Sometimes, if there is just a small area of grout that has deteriorated, you can scrape out the loose bits and apply fresh grout. But even this isn't ideal, because the new grout will look much, well, newer than the old grout in the rest of the tiles.

However, we now have a new solution: steam-cleaning the entire area, which we have found is astonishingly effective. It is time-consuming (takes about a day to do properly), but makes the tiles and grout as good as new. Plus, if there are any areas where the grout has deteriorated and crumbled, it can be replaced without the new grout looking out of place.

Even a full day's labour (plus a small charge for hire of the steam cleaner) is a lot less than having the whole area re-tiled.

The first customer we did this for was so impressed, they asked us to come back once a month (!) to keep their bathroom in pristine appearance.

If you'd also like tired tiles to look as good as new, give us a call on 0800 426 396, or e-mail fixit@0800handyman.co.uk


Unknown said...

I have a very gritty floor tile in my bathroom. I find it almost impossible to clean and wonder whether a steamer would help - any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

It is not difficult to scrape out grout without damaging your tile. I guess you should expect unbiased advice from someone who sells a cleaning service though.

Anonymous said...

correction: ....shouldn't expect unbiased advice...

Steam Shower said...

I think a steamer will solve your problem Jhon

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Anonymous said...

Scraping out the old grouting and renewing it with another layer is very straightforward (there's lots of good advice on how to do this on the internet) and very cheap. Sure, you have to be careful not to slip and scratch tiles, but that's not a big deal. And yes, you do need to do the whole area, or it makes the old stuff look bad - but it can be done in a couple of hours at most...totally worth it.

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Tiling can be a very intricate and time consuming process, and as such, it's important to get it right. A good workman needs good tools, and tile cutting is no exception. If the tiling is done properly, then there's little to no maintenance needed to keep them shining. a simple wipe down usually does the trick.

great work!

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Renewing old grout has constantly included extend periods of time of hacking ceaselessly at old,worn grout with a tiny grout saw.Simplify the occupation by obtaining a grout removal kit that appends to a Dremel tool.It has a high-speed carbide bit that easily bites away old grout, and guides that keep you from chipping the tile edges.Make a point to wear safety glasses while grinding.Utilize the grout saw to rub out edges and corners and to get out the joints.@Lisa Moore.

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