Wednesday 25 April 2007

Identical handymen

Reviewed an application from a pair of identical twins today. Fascinating. They were applying as a unit. Everything on their (one) application form applied to both of them (except, obviously, their first names; plus one small element of their employment history).

Unfortunately, they were applying for central London and didn't have bike licences. Plus nearly all our work is solo work and I did get the distinct impression they were at their best when working together.

But they'd do well if they set up on their own. Assuming they are good, everyone who used them would talk about it to their friends.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bruce,
I'm writing a book about twins and would love to try to interview the twins who applied as a unit for your job. I'm in New York City and my email is Would you mind passing it on to them? I would be grateful. I enjoyed your site, Abby Pogrebin

Dr Xavier Ray said...

They would make good muggers. As long as they worked separately the vicims would never be able to identify the assailant with certainty.

Anonymous said...

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